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For history lovers coming in Rome, planning a Ostia Antica Tour is a must to not miss! Ostia was the commercial port of the ancient romans, very close to Rome city, and it was so strategic for the emperors that they decided to invest on the city, building aqueducts, an amphitheatre, public baths, spacious ware houses, shopping areas and temples… Today the ruins of that ancient city are available to visitors to to experience the the atmosphere of the "imperial" life of ancient romans in Ostia Antica Booking the Ostia Antica Tour with us, you will have an english speaking driver at your disposal, driving you to the ancient ruins and back to Rome.


  • Domus, the houses of the upper class
  • Wall-paintings
  • Mosaics, Sculpture, Graffiti
  • Baths and communal latrines
  • Temples and little shrines

Ostia antica Tour explained...

  • Dedicated car and driver

    You will be assigned a dedicated car/Minibus and an experienced driver that will stay with you all the time, always available to explain and answer your questions
  • Opening times

    Ostia Antica archeological site is opened from 830 in the morning till to booking your Castelli Romani tour, you can decide the route to be followed and the more interesting places you would like to visit... And we will organize your tour following your tips!
  • Total relax and comfort

    We will put at your disposal a luxury car, well equipped, to allow you to enjoy the most of your trip, totally relaxed ....

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